Safety & Copyright

Safety & Copyright


As you know, when you make macrame you will get a lot of cotton dust coming off.

Please, make sure you use a DIY mask when you are working on large macrame pieces and using lots of strings. Always hoover at the end of the day, especially so if you suffer from asthma and/or you have children and pets living in your household.

If you have children or pets in your household, when you are not working on your macrame piece, make sure the loose strings are gathered together inside a bag or hang them high up where kids can't reach them, to avoid suffocation.

Copyright guidelines for this course

ALL the materials, including videos and tutorials, in this tutorial, are for your own learning development. I am happy for you to recreate and sell the products following the tutorials in this course. You can individually hand-make as many as you wish to sell either for yourself, your local event or to raise money for charity. You cannot go into mass production, which means you cannot manufacture in large quantities, especially by machine.

PLEASE do not USE, REPLICATE or COPY any or part of the video tutorials, text and patterns tutorial to make your own online course, live workshops or course, host events or talks, run free challenges, sell/give to magazines, newspapers or TV productions, post on any social media or your own website.

Selling or handing out photocopies of any part of this course is prohibited. Please respect one another’s copyright.  

I have worked really hard to put this material together and I hope you will respect my hard work and effort to give you the best tutorials for you.

If you are not happy with this policy, please let me know ASAP.

Thank you


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